About Us

The team here at Newspoof have been greatly inspired by all of the classic spoof and satire media that has proceeded our 2014 inception. Brass Eye, The Day Today, Smack The Pony and anything with Sacha Baron Cohen. Websites like The Daily Mash and The Onion have shown there to be a much greater vetted interest in spoof and parody news, rather than the Fox News esque crap that can be spewed at you by major networks, so we thought we’d give it a little bash…

And in order to achieve that, we have brought in some of the finest names in spoofy, web journalism from, well, the murkiest and darkest corners of our imagination really…:

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Inspiring team.

So feel free to follow us and like us via the social media channels as we deliver you the kind of news you always wanted but just didn’t know how to ask for…