Russell Brand Revolution Face

Russell Brand’s Revolution Will Begin on a Tuesday, Sources Confirm

Sources behind Russell Brand’s revolution have confirmed that after much debate, the revolution will properly start on a Tuesday.

The day was picked as it is likely be the “shittest day of the week” and therefore everyones’ diaries should be pretty free from doing other stuff.

“We thought about doing it on a Monday, what with everyone really fucking hating Mondays, but decided that people might still be far too hungover from the weekend.” Brand said.

“Tuesday then seemed to be the obvious winner. Plus that means you only have to do one day of work that week so it’s a bit like a free holiday. Monday will barely seem like a work day when you know you’ve got revolution the next day.”

Other ideas that were touted around were Saturday and Sunday but these ideas were quickly abandoned.

“Saturday would have been good cause everyone would be proper up for it but then people would miss the footy and we need them lot. The Sunday idea would have created an air of impending long weekend but was dismissed ’cause no-one would want to miss out on Sunday dinner.”

“I think we’ve got the balance right with Tuesday anyway… Next we’ve just gotta organise transport.”