Pornstar’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Clears Almost Half of Google’s Index

Pixelated Pornstar

A pornstar, whose name we can no longer mention, has exercised her ‘right to be forgotten’ as she looks to secure employ in a new career as a women’s rights activist.

The pornstar, who we will call Tammy Tameson for the purpose of this article, is the latest person to exercise the right which came out of a European court recently. The resulting action will mean that Tammy has all indexed data of her name removed from Google.

“The problem is that her name comprises about 40% of our indexed data. It doesn’t get as much mention these days but porn is still a massive chunk of the internet.” Stated one Google nerd whose name we didn’t bother to take.

Tammy was told that her porn history could be a hindrance to her new aspirations for a career in women’s rights advocacy, so has taken drastic steps to mitigate the situation.

“I mean, if it didn’t exist on Google then it basically didn’t happen, right? A bit like Jesus being born…” Comments, Tammy.

The news has sparked a wave of people looking to clear their name for past mishaps. Ex-head of BP, Tony Hayward wants news of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleared from the web so he can pursue a career as an environmentalist and Rolf Harris is inquiring about clearing his web presence so he can pursue a career in child care once he has served his sentence for pedophilia.

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