Puppet Couple

Local Town Rejoices as Couple Reach Silver Anniversary without Infidelities

Around 200 people gathered at the local town hall in Lipsterton, Kent, where it is reported that a couple, Mr & Mrs Kenwright-Bailey, have reached their 25th wedding anniversary, without any infidelities from either husband or wife.

“The whole town is so happy for them.” Local woman, Jackie Foxcock, commented. “No-one ever thought they would make it to 25 years without infidelities, primarily because she is a bit of a minger.”

“I even offered him a blowie once. He just called me a slag and told me to p*ss off.”

The couple celebrated the occasion in front of family and friends at the village hall party which continued through the evening and into the night, eventually turning into a full on rave.

We eventually caught up with Mrs. Kenwright-Bailey, “This party is kicking off! No, no it really is so good to have all of our friends here to celebrate this. God knows we’ve had our ups and downs, but we got faith in each other and it really has paid off.”

“And there’s the crack too I guess. We do both really love crack.”