People Who Put “Obligatory” Photos on Facebook Don’t Know What “Obligatory” Means

Douchebag in Cafe

A sharp increase in the number of people putting “obligatory” photos on Facebook is likely due to poster not fully grasping the words meaning, a new report confirms.

A huge surge in the number of people posting “obligatory” images or check-ins on Facebook has prompted the company to review its terms & conditions to ensure they are not inadvertently asking users to post certain media as part of the terms of use.

“We couldn’t understand why certain users felt obliged to post media and then referencing it as “obligatory”. Like we’re forcing them to do it or something?” Commented Facebook Chief, Zuckerberg.

“We can assure all our loyal users that, having reviewed our terms, you are under no specific instruction to post anything and label it as ” obligatory”.

We spoke with Max Doucheman who recently posted an “obligatory” check-in at the airport before flying to Sharm El Sheikh with his girlfriend.

“I thought it was just something that you were supposed to do… You know, go on holiday, check in at the airport, everyone does it…” Doucheman said.

“Alright, alright… What’s the point of me booking a fucking holiday unless I can try and make my fucking friends jealous about it, hey!? I just want people to think my life isn’t as soul crushingly depressing as some people might think so I put up the “obligatory” check-in…”

“Come on then, what does it mean?”


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