Back Injury, Lady...

Tiger Woods Back Problems Definitely all Golf Related…

Tiger Woods has a long history of back problems which are definitely all related to the high intense sport which is his profession. And nothing else…

His latest injury setback has caused him to pull out (ahem) of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio after he shanked it a little bit too hard out of the rough and had to do a little jog down a bank.

Sports injuries specialist Richard McKloskey commented, “It would seem strange that Tiger gets this many back injuries, just from playing golf. But what other explanation could there be?”

“We typically see the majority of sporting injuries come from sports such as Rugby. You know, sports where there is actually physical contact.”

A Filipino manual laborer at the Al Bayt stadium which has just been built for the World Cup in 2022 commented, “Tiger Woods is such an amazing athlete so it is a real shame to hear that he has injured his back. It doesn’t seem fair that he has all these back injuries, golf is such a cruel sport.”

“Anyway, I must dash because I have to carry 200kg of rusty scaffolding up this tower, put it all together single-handedly and then get down to the office to collect my $3 wages… Oh wait, that’s $4 today because it is my 65th birthday.”